financial advice kendal cumbriaWe are able to arrange various types of protection for individuals, families and businesses.

Types of protection we advise on are:

•    Life Assurance
•    Mortgage Life Assurance
•    Critical Illness cover to pay a lump sum on diagnosis of specified illnesses.
•    Permanent Health Insurance for replacing income through illness or injury
•    Business Protection for shareholders in a limited company, partners or sole traders.

Case Study 1
Mr & Mrs D approached Pegasus to arrange a mortgage for their first house and we also arranged suitable protection for the mortgage debt.
Shortly after the plan was put in force and the mortgage started Mrs C was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis which meant that she was unable to work and her income ceased as she had no cover through her employer.  Fortunately, the mortgage protection plan that we arranged for our clients included critical illness cover which paid out a lump sum on diagnosis of her illness which repaid the mortgage in full, removing our clients largest financial burden at a most difficult time.

Case Study 2
One of our most long standing clients contacted us to inform Pegasus that he had been diagnosed with Cancer and although the prognosis was good it would mean that he would be unable to work for a period of at least 6 months and possibly up to 12 months.  Fortunately, some years ago Pegasus had arranged a Business Protection Insurance to include critical illness cover and a tax free lump sum was paid to our client which enabled him not only to pay off any borrowings the business had but also meant that he was able to use some of the money to pay for a locum to ensure his business continued in his absence.  He was then able to undergo treatment and recuperate until he was ready to go back to work, safe in the knowledge that his business was not at risk.