Retirement Planning

retirement planningWe are able to advise you on ways to save for your retirement and also the most suitable way to take your pension benefits when you are approaching retirement.

Case Study 1
Mr B (aged 65) approached Pegasus for advice as he was nearing retirement and had several pension plans with different companies.  Although he had the various options from the pension companies themselves he wanted independent advice on how best to take the money from the pensions to suit his personal circumstances.

Using our expertise we were able to source one pension provider who was able to offer a higher pension than the combined total of the different insurance companies by a significant margin and we were also able to realise a tax free cash amount from the pensions which our client used to clear his mortgage with enough left over to spend on a holiday and buy a new car.  This meant our client could enjoy a debt free retirement with a comfortable income.

Case Study 2
Mr C (aged 70) sought advice from Pegasus as he had decided to take his personal pension benefits as he was in ill health.  Again, using our expertise we were able to source an insurance company who specialises in impaired annuities which meant that the pension that our client received was much higher than was being offered by his existing pension provider.  We were also able to secure a pension that would be paid after his death to his wife ensuring financial security for his family.